Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Releases: Quentin Coaxum - Current; Miles Tackett - The Fool Who Wonders; Jackie McLean - Tippin' The Scales


A wonderful debut from Chicago trumpeter Quentin Coaxum – a player with a great well of warmth, and a sense of lyrical blowing that takes us back to some of our favorite musicians of the 60s and 70s! The set's got a laidback vibe and some warm electric glow from Fender Rhodes and organ – but it's also never too smooth or too easygoing either – as Quentin's sense of space and timing really brings in a richer feel to the whole record. The vibe's not entirely 70s electric funk, but it's also not a Hidden Beach sort of groove either – and instead glows warmly with strong interplay between the trumpet and Rhodes, both used in fresh ways. Titles include "94", "Brown Bear", "November", "Burgundy Sunset", "Pacific Suite II Calm", and "Lush".  ~ Dusty Groove


Music Man Miles from Cali funk and soul torch carriers Breakestra breaks out with solid solo record – done in a verse blend of time honored LA styles – from early 70s folk and psych soul, to rougher hewn, though still soul-steeped guitar groovers. Miles is not only a hella talented guitar, bass and keyboards player, he's also a surprisingly strong singer and songwriter – delivering here on all fronts. Includes "Just What I Need", "Everything", 'Come Away", "Release Me", "The Fool Who Wonders", "Out In The Canyon", "Golden Child, Honey Child", a nice cover of The Byrds' "Everbody's Been Burned", "One More Time", "Paradise" and "Shake Your Tambourine".  ~ Dusty Groove


A sweet little quartet from Jackie McLean – a later entry into his bop-level sets for Blue Note, recorded right before his "new thing" years! The album never got a proper release back in the 60s, and only first saw the light of day two decades later – but it's a real cooker that's right up there with the Swing Swang Swingin set – and has Jackie blowing straight, but bringing a lot of modern edges into the mix as well! The group's a crack quartet – with Sonny Clark on piano, Art Taylor on drums, and Butch Warren on bass – and titles include "Two For One", "Nicely", "Rainy Blues", and "Tippin The Scales". Includes the bonus tracks "Tippin The Scales (alt take)" & "Two For One (alt takes 1 & 2)". (SHMCD pressing.)  ~ Dusty Groove

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