Monday, May 19, 2014


It was one of the first projects the label endeavoured upon way back in 1994 and after 20 years, Far Out is back with this new release of varied, yet consistently danceable bossa grooves, Brazil funk and scorching batucadas.

It’s just the kind of music that has defined the label over its two-decade history, which makes it the perfect way to mark 20 years of Far Out Recordings!

In keeping with the very ethos of Far Out, The Friends From Rio Project cements the bonds originally welded by a young Joe Davis, when he set off to Rio, in search of the mysterious sounds of Brazil.

Probably the best Brazil project in the world! Featuring an all-star line-up of the label’s closest friends, (as well as some new faces) Friends From Rio is a fresh take on our original idea of recording tunes from Brazil for the dance floors of London.  The project gets key Incognito-style help from Daniel "Venom" Maunick, and a real Azymuth pedigree from Alex Malheiros – and the whole thing features a great range of different singers, including Hyldon, Robertinho Silva, Aleh Ferreira, Ivan Matheus, Denise Pinaud, Sabrina Malheiros, and Carlos Dafe – each wrapped up in a sweet blend of Fender Rhodes, organ, riffing guitar, and sweet jazzy horns. Titles include "So Resta A Porta Se Abrir", "Mas Que Nada", "Garota", "Aguai", "Casino Bangu", "Batucada Bidu", "Anthemia", "Leita De Pedra", and "Mulher Malagueta".  

Consisting of all original material (with the exception of a blistering version of Jorge Ben’s timeless ‘Mas Que Nada’), this is a reunion of old friends and that’s exactly how it sounds, with celebratory whoops and whistles littering the album, it really does sound like a party. Every track is in some way reminiscent of the kind of music Joe Davis and friends were playing on the underground club scene in London, back at the time of the first Rio Project.

While principally a Brazilian record, lofty disco synths and funk basslines take tracks ‘So Resta A Porta’,‘Veneno’ and ‘Fogo No Chao’ beneath the lights of a spinning mirror ball, while samba batucadas and fiery brass sections keep ‘Casino Bangu’ and Hyldon and Alex Malheiros’ fantastically funky ‘Leite De Pedra’, decidedly under the Rio sun. The album also explores deeper territory with ‘Batucada Bidu’ providing an instrumental stint of intense, driven samba percussion, while Robertinho Silva’s solo closing track ‘Japa’ is deep and intriguing Brazilian jazz music at its finest.

“We’ve always tried to keep the music dance-floor orientated, but it’s sometimes hard to get musicians to play in the same style and with the same feel as they perhaps had in days gone by. Over the last 20 years, our relationships with some of these legends has really developed through sharing musical ideas, and this understanding really comes out in this Rio Project, enabling us to get exactly the results we wanted while recording the album. It was a real team effort, Daniel Maunick, Alex Malheiros and I; we were all on the same page, ensuring that the groove was imbedded in the music first and foremost.” - Joe Davis

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