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In his sixth album titled “On Covers,” Ed Robinson shows his talent and creative abilities in covering some of the most  legendary hits from the past two decades. This musical endeavor has taken Ed Robinson on a nostalgic journey through time that brings the listener with him. In this album, Ed Robinson has taken hits from the genres of Rock and Roll, R&B, Country as well as many others, and put his own Reggae vibe into all of the rhythms and lyrics. As an added feature, this album included a remixed and remastered version of his 1992 award winning cover tune, ‘Knockin on Heaven’s Door.’ “On Covers,” has been released on the Push Broom Gang Productions label and distributed by Zojak World Wide, this album brings together a superstar team of new and classic talent, along with Chris Fischer of Critical1 Studios whose mixing and mastering expertise created the incredible reggae we crave. Together with E2recordings, musicians Adam Tese`, Lou Lomangino, and David Nesdall collaborate with Ed Robinson to create an authentic blend of Rock and Roll, R & B, and Country with Reggae Music. Critics are saying this is one of the best.


Beginning with 2005's Identity, trumpeter Jeremy Pelt began exploring '70s and '80s funk and fusion sounds inspired by the works of such luminaries as Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis. He continued these funk and electronic explorations on such albums as 2007's Shock Value: Live at Smoke and 2013's Water and Earth. While Pelt has also split his time playing and recording more straight-ahead post-bop albums, his 2014 album, Face Forward, Jeremy, combines the best of his acoustic recordings with the electronic-jazz hybrid sound of Water and Earth. Here, Pelt is joined by his longtime ensemble featuring pianist/keyboardist David Bryant, saxophonist Roxy Coss, bassist Chris Smith, and drummer Dana Hawkins. Also featured are vocalists Fabiana Masili and Milton Suggs, along with Rhodes keyboardist Frank LoCrasto and a handful of string players. This is a languid, atmospheric album that touches upon impressionistic, modal post-bop, soulful contemporary R&B, and groove-oriented '70s-style fusion. Tracks like "Princess Charlie" hang on a wordless vocal melody from Masili (mirrored by Pelt and Coss) that leads into adventurous improvisations from Pelt, Coss, and Bryant. "Rastros," once again showcasing Masili, is an Asian and Brazilian-inflected ballad punctuated by delicate harp lines, with Pelt on a beautiful, muted solo. Elsewhere, cuts like "Stars Are Free" sound like something along the lines of '70s Miles Davis, and "The Secret Code" features a frenetic jungle/drum'n'bass-influenced intro from Hawkins. Ultimately, Pelt's Face Forward, Jeremy is a high-minded, well-crafted mix of cutting-edge acoustic and electric jazz that gently turns your ears toward the future of jazz, while never asking you to let go of the music's past. ~ Matt Collar Liner Note Author / cduniverse


Greg Witt's first album, "Smooth Jazz Rock" was released in 2008 debuting his sound of clean jazz 'riffs' with a rock influence. A native of Midland, Texas, guitarist Greg Witt first surfaced as a member of the Odessa College Big Band in Odessa, Texas in the mid-1990's. "When I performed with the Big Band, I learned to land on my feet and perform jazz charts on the spot." Greg has also performed on stage with Smooth Jazz Saxophone artist Tom Braxton. "Tom and I traded 'riffs'. It was fun!" His style on his album "Jazz Blues" reflects the 'old' and the 'new', the 'Jazz' and the 'Blues'. "Although my style echoes the jazz standards from the past, it always melds styles of modern 'rock' & 'blues'. On tracks like "A Street" and "Just Groovin", you can hear his 'rock' influence. Tunes like "Jazz Blues" , "Diamond Lil", and "Cookin!" really capture the swing sound of the big band era. "You can also hear my Texas swingin' blues style on those tracts. Stevie Ray Vaughan was a huge influence of mine". The tract "Blue Valentine" is an up-tempo ballad with Beatles like changes and a style not unlike George Benson. Jazz, Blues, old or new, Greg Witt's CD "Jazz Blues" is a hit! ~ cduniverse

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