Monday, January 13, 2014


Norwalk CT-based jazz bassist, composer, recording artist and producer, Neddy Smith, announces the release of his CD: Mood Swing. As with his prior recordings such as, Give It Up and Liberated Woman or leading his own groups such as TransWave, his Jazz Duo or Trio and his other ensembles or, the Neddy Smith and Friends group, or even performing/playing and recording on albums with the Eric Gail band and others, producing Jazz festivals where he led seminars while educating audiences on Jazz or, on to one of his performances in the US, Europe, or travelling extensively to other parts of the world doing what he loves, Neddy is all about the music.
For his newest CD effort, Neddy Smith’s, Mood Swing, gives voice to a new generation of music lovers. His up-lifting and subtle melodies filled with energy and power invigorates like the wind that flows musically through the air directed by the gravitational interest towards discriminating ears of music lovers from various cultures, class or creed. Thus keeping his fans reminded of his trademarks funky rhythmic and melodic style as an artist.

Neddy’s early approaches to musical innovation comes from influences deep within the cultures of his native Jamaica which he has entwined into his music development and compositions even now; some from folk and world-music, Afro-Caribbean, Latin, Asian, European, and American classical music from Blues to Jazz. Neddy’s inspiration for this new project is from a spiritual source and also from one of his favorite composers, Thelonious Monk and a simple poem he wrote called, The Little House. This CD strives on the dynamic rhythmic driving forces of Neddy’s ancestral roots known and/or unknown that helped to shape his cultural awareness and energized him to express what he feels so deeply rooted in his soul both poetic and musical as he composed freely.

Musicians on the CD with Connecticut connections are: Andrew DeNicola (Flute, Alto, Soprano, and Tenor Sax), Marcel Blanchet (drum kit on Mood Swing). Thomas Ice (keyboard: on Pretty Little Flower and The Little House), Michiro Nigishi (multi-Keyboards on Wildebeest and Mood Swing). From New Jersey, Willy Dalton (multi guitars played on ‘Am in Love with You) and from New York, Deborah Hawkins (keyboard on 'Am in Love with You").

The CD was recorded in Norwalk, CT at NedGJean International Inc., Studio. The mixing engineering was solely the work of Ben (Benjamin. J Arrindell) at Sound Clash Studios, New York City. The mastering by Sound Lab at Disc Makers, New Jersey.

Upcoming Performances:
January 12 - Barcelona, Norwalk CT
January 22 - The Quick Center, Fairfield CT


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