Monday, January 06, 2014


Jazz pianist and vocalist Anne Farnsworth’s latest release is Sealed With A Kiss, a collection of '60s and ‘70s pop and rock tunes she’s transformed with her arrangements into jazz. Along with her impressive singing and playing style, her rhythm section bandmates are key to the recording’s excellence. Master fretless bassist Alphonso Johnson and drummer Ndugu Chancler showcase the talents that led them to supporting bands like Santana and Weather Report. Tenor saxophonist Doug Webb appears on five of the tracks, with guitarist Steve Trovato on two.  The 13 tracks were recorded in high res and are available in FLAC format, as well as mp3 and CD.

Sealed With A Kiss pays loving homage to classic artists as stylistically diverse as Jimi Hendrix and Shelly Fabares. Farnsworth has found a recipe, a novel format for transforming these well-known favorites. Anne sings with a rich, flexible voice, supremely elegant, using her large range tastefully and without histrionics. On piano, she accompanies herself with dense, full-bodied chords and lyrical solos. Expansive tonal color and a full range of emotions are highlights of her musical style.

"...Sealed With A Kiss is a stunning collection of '60s rock tunes arranged for a jazz quartet." ~

“Anne Farnsworth is a jazz diva...”~ Jan Hocek -

"'60's Pop and Rock tunes arranged for jazz quartet? Sign me up!"
~ Christopher Levine -

"Love what you've done with the music. I’m spotlighting Sealed With A Kiss everyday this's that good."~ James Janisse  -

"Anne Farnsworth's calling cards are standards and modern pop - combining tasteful improvisation with lyrical imagination and a pinch of humor."~ La Stampa, Turin, Italy

"Her arrangements and performances transform such songs as “How Can I Be Sure,” “Until You Come Back To Me,” “Here, There And Everywhere” and even “Johnny Angel” into jazz without losing the essence of the pop melodies. To those of us who have always avoided pop music, these songs will sound like new material!" ~ Scott Yanow – LA Jazz Scene

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