Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Nothing seems to be impossible today: cars parking themselves, televisions, which have a clearer resolution than in real life, phones that connect you with your friends, only by voice recognition - it is just a question of technique. However, there are moments when the glittering hi-tech world becomes pale, everything becomes unimportant, bypassing what has clogged the data channels. These are the moments that enchant us.
The saxophonist Arno Haas gives us such a moment. His album is called ‘Magic Hands’ - “I would like that people like this CD“, he explains. I‘m not saying that this is now the latest avantgarde or ‘Music for Musicians Only' we’ve had that in the past. I would like to attract more people – a larger audience. If the band members and other musicians like how I play the saxophone - that would be fantastic too.”
‘Magic Hands’ triggers immediately positive reactions. This is not surprising, because Arno Haas is a musician with heart and soul  and with the corresponding success. He has worked with old masters such as James Moody and together with the original Duke Ellington Orchestra, and he worked on over 40 CD productions with jazz musicians like Franco Ambrosetti, Peter Herbolzheimer, Wolfgang Haffner and Joo Kraus, but also with the Rolling Stone 'Star' Mick Taylor.  In concerts and tours he had to listen to a wide variety of artists: Ricky Lawson, Alvin Lee and Calvin Owens Jason Wright, Wencke Myhre and Tom Novy up to Paul Kuhn, Helen Schneider and Wolfgang Dauner.

As an excellent saxophonist, he has for years been an endorser of the famous instrument maker P.Mauriat (alongside colleagues such as Greg Osby, James Carter, Tony Lakatos). On a tour in 2012 Arno met Tom Saviano in Los Angeles. Tom Saviano has worked with artists such as Ray Charles, Les McCann, Chicago, Randy Brecker, Natalie Cole, Earth, Wind & Fire and many more. The two saxophonist became friends quickly.

Arno Haas told him that he has a lot of songs that are at home waiting for their publication. The funky, groovy sound that he envisaged was hardly feasible in Germany. Tom Saviano, who is not only famous as a musician and composer, but is also an experienced and well known producer, suggested to record the album in Los Angeles and to produce it. 

‘Magic Hands’ is one of the inspirational gems of the genre, which is called in his native fusion jazz“ or smooth jazz, quite proud with their own charts, record awards and specialized radio and TV stations.

‘Magic Hands’ was born with an impressive cast. For example, the drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, the trumpeter Lee Thornburg (from the Tower of Power horn section), the guitarist Carmen Grillo (also of Tower of Power) and Bill Champlin (from Chicago), and many protagonists of the West Coast jazz club scene ‘Magic Hands’ can do it all. It is a handmade masterpiece and Arno Haas a magician of his instrument.

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