Monday, September 16, 2013


Bobby Martin, legendary producer, arranger, and composer, best known for his contributions to R&B music and the Sound of Philadelphia as well as arranging the theme song to "Soul Train" has passed away, but his legacy continues through the efforts of his wife, Bessie Martin, and Martin's grandson and Personal Manager, Miguel Martin.

Mrs. Martin has been a part of Bobby Martin Productions, Red Ruby Records, and his original music releases since 1959. For the past 13 years, Mrs. Martin has worked closely by her husband's side engaged in the business of music productions with Bobby Martin.  Miguel Martin, Personal Manager, Producer, and Head of A&R, worked alongside with them, along with a solid team of seasoned music industry professionals who will continue to work diligently as they move forward.

Bessie Martin also worked diligently alongside Mr. Martin in the creation of the vision for his nonprofit for youth. Mrs. Martin is continuing her husband's legacy and dream through moving forward with the launch of the Bobby Martin Foundation for Youth as well as the releases of Mr. Martin's unheard new music tracks and productions.

With Bobby Martin's plans to launch a youth non-profit organization, both Bessie Martin and Miguel Martin are set to launch the nonprofit organization on a date to be announced.

Mrs. Bessie Martin says, "In regards to any announcements regarding plans for the nonprofit and the releases that were planned by my husband, I wish to clarify that there are other living family members of the Martin Family but they are not affiliated with Bobby Martin Productions, Bobby Martin Music, or his nonprofit".

Bessie Martin is now the official owner of Bobby Martin Productions, Red Ruby Records, and Bobby Martin Music. Mrs. Bessie Martin has officially appointed Bobby Martin's Personal Manager, Miguel Martin, as President of Bobby Martin Productions and head of all business affairs.

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