Thursday, September 12, 2013


Articulate, soulful guitarist Joe Lindsay smoothly grooves through jazz, funk, rock and blues with an abundance of feeling and flow, expertly expressing his personal journey and life’s diverse experiences. His ability to imprint his own distinctive style on a multitude of genres with refined sensitivity illustrates his extensive training and deep understanding of the musical universe. And his proficiency and professionalism are the products of formal study and his many experiences co-writing and collaborating live and in the studio with R&B legends including James Brown, Roy C and Howard Hewett, jazz stars Ronnie Laws, Brian Simpson and Tom Browne and exciting multi-dimensional artists like Ki-C & JoJo, Anthony Hamilton, Calvin Richardson and Stephanie Mills, plus countless others. 

As a solo performer and seasoned recording artist, he strives to constantly reinvent his sound and consistently introduce his instrument to delightfully unexpected territory in order to expand the horizons of the imagination. His energetic performances, resonant recordings and gracefully-written original tunes are evocative of the timeless, talented artists that have made an enduring impression on him, such as Curtis Mayfield, Buddy Guy, Larry Carlton, Prince, Hiram Bullock and Miles Davis.

Rooted in Charlotte, North Carolina and educated at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Lindsay was first moved by music in his church, where his mother regularly played the piano and sang. Inspired from the moment he discovered his father’s vast collection of records and 8-track tapes, his passion for guitar was ignited as he hung on every note while his neighbor played on the porch next door. Ever since those earliest illuminating moments, Lindsay has devoted himself to perfecting the fine art of songwriting, performing, recording and managing his own destiny as a professional musician, throwing himself whole-heartedly into the challenge of creating and learning about the guitar and music’s infinite possibilities. Bolstered by his desire to craft memorable melodies and harmonies that awaken every vibrant emotion and speak the exquisite mysteries of his heart, he has made it his mission to perform music that makes the soul feel good.


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