Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This morning I popped Shawn Jones' new album, Struggle Makes You Stronger, into my car CD player and halfway into the first song I knew that this was going to be a terrific album. The lead song, "Life Is For The Living" essentially sets the vibe for the entire rest of the album - it's upbeat with a definite hook melody and lyrics that capture your attention.

Struggle Makes You Stronger finds Jones ruminating on our need for relationships (Day Without Rain; As Long As I've Got You); fortitude (Struggle Makes You Stronger; Running Water); and age-old topics of love (Sweet Victoria; Bittersweet Love; Yours To Lose).

This album has a little bit of everything - sexy rockin' vibes, southern rock, laid-back west coast vibe, a groovy R&B acoustic feel, and some serious guitar playing throughout.

Attention radio programmers - this album is chock full of hits, it's radio-friendly, and I would be surprised if it does not become a huge seller!

Shawn Jones is the epitome of American Roots/Rock music. He has proven over time that he has an international appeal. He is true to form of his influences, spanning from the greats in Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz & Country. With four studio albums and one live album under his belt, Shawn's skills as a seasoned songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist have put him on the same bill with the likes of BB King, Buddy Guy, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, Jimmie Vaughan, Willie Nelson, Eric Johnson, Leon Russell, Robben Ford, Derek Trucks, Little Feat, Joe Bonamassa, Taj Mahal, and David Hindley. Waylon Jennings was so impressed with Shawn's live performances that he took Jones under his wing, offering him the grand opportunity to play on his 1996 release 'Right For The Time."

This album's release comes in the wake of extensively touring the UK and Ireland, as well as appearing at major music festivals where Shawn has created buzz on the blues rock scene, collecting rave reviews and radio airlplay along the way. Shawn has been working away, at times in excess of 200 dates a year, creating new fans and followers literally everywhere he performs.   www.shawnjonesmusic.com www.facebook.com/shawnjonesmusic www.twitter.com/shawnjonesmusic www.reverbnationmusic.com/shawnjonesmusic

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