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Nobody's playing hooky here – as Steve Lacy's very strongly in attendance, and turning out some wonderful solo work throughout! This sparkling 70s performance was captured live in a cathedral in Montreal – a wonderfully echoey space that only seems to open up Lacy's sound even more – allowing for fluid lines from the soprano sax that bounce out and around the large open space – not really folding back on themselves, but creating a depth that seems to give the record even more soul than other Lacy experiments of this type! The whole thing's great – and titles include "Crops", "The New Duck", and "No Baby". And the CD adds in loads of bonus tracks added to the original Quark LP – 9 more numbers, making for one heck of a long album! ~ Dusty Groove


Otis Clay, still going strong – stepping out here on a sweet new recording from the Chicago scene – done with that warm mix of modern modes and deep soul roots we really love from his work of the late 70s! Clay's vocals have, if anything, only gotten better with age – really able to find the right notes and inflections to make the music sparkle – even more so than some of Otis records from back in the day! Instrumentation is relatively laidback – done in a mode that's a bit like some of the Jackson or Memphis styles at the start of the 80s, but without any of the bluesy inflections that might get in the way of the sort of solid soul performance that Clay delivers here. The legendary Tom Tom 84 handled many of the arrangements on the set – and although most of the material is new, Otis also tweaked a few older favorites for the set – to make for a nice long album, too. Titles include "Love's After Me", "All That's Missing Is You", "Walk A Mile In My Shoes", "Even Now", "I Thought You Knew", "Truth Is", "I Know I'm Over You", "Even When I Win", "I Keep Trying", "Steal Away To The Hideaway", and "The Only Way Is Up". ~ Dusty Groove


A really rich document of the charms and talents of reedman Lol Coxhill – a set that features music from a wide range of scenes and settings in Lol's long career – including bits of hardbop from the 50s, R&B from the 60s, and a wide range of great performances from later years too! Coxhill's a hell of a player who always seems to shine, no matter what the setting – and this package is almost like a combination of the sharp edges of the Emanem recordings, the moodier feel of the Virgin albums and some of Lol's rockish work, and the charming whimsy of the Nato years too – all topped off with a few historic elements that only add to the color and tone of the package – especially given that the tunes aren't always presented in chronological order. We're under the impression that most music is exclusive to this set – and tracks include "Bad Boy", "Autumn In New York", "Vermillion Sands", "Three Go To Letchworth", "Out Of Nowhere", "Uptown Top Ranking", "Magic Buffalo", "A Brief Introduction To Sax", "Murder In The Air", and "Resonance". ~ Dusty Groove

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