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A rich document of the growth in the Italian jazz scene in recent years – a great leap forward not just for individual musicians, but also for the Schema label as well! Schema first began in the 90s with a relatively programmed approach to jazz – a style that loved the classics, but often reworked them in modern production modes. Yet over the years, the company's really come to be a key home for real jazz and soulful sounds – moving past their original remix identity, to a point where they're arguably one of the most important jazz labels on the European scene! This nicely-priced batch of tracks is a great illustration of that growth – and features a few old Schema faves, mixed with newer artists who've flocked to the label in recent years – presented here in some unique remixes and other nice versions we haven't heard before. Titles include "Beyond The Days" by Gaetano Partiplio, "But Not For You" by Alessandro Maganini, "Hurt Me Bad" by Andrea Balducci, "Waltz For Emily" by Gerardo Frisina, "Banzo" by Rosalia De Souza, "Some Kind Of Blues (Grooveman Spot rmx)" by S-Tone Inc, "Welcome To My World (acoustic)" by Joyce Elaine Yuille, "Hear Us Now" by Christian Prommer's Drumlesson, "Alta Tensione 3am" by Alex Puddu, and "Good Life" by Timo Lassy. ~ Dusty Groove


One of Azymuth's best-remembered albums from their American years on Milestone – a really killer classic that beautifully blends Brazilian and American styles of fusion! There's a simple, elegant feel to these tunes that takes off nicely from the group's previous album for Atlantic in Brazil – a pushing forward of the soulful sides of their style, but with just the right blend of quirkier elements as well – one that still keeps the edge of the early years, yet helps the group reach out with a wonderfully warm sound! Most tracks are quite spare, and without any too-smooth polishing in production – and titles include the classic "Jazz Carnival", a funky fusion classic if there ever was one – plus "Light As A Feather", "Avenida Das Manguerias", "This Exists", "Partido Alto", "Dona Olimpia", "Amazonia", and "Young Embrace". CD also features four bonus tracks – "Jazz Carnival (full original mix)", "Avenida Das Manguerias (SS translation by Theo Parrish)", "Jazz Carnival (Yambee rework by Ashley Beedle & Yam Who)", and "Codsall Juniors" by Mark E. (Remixed and remastered version – with better sound than ever!) ~ Dusty Groove


A hell of a pianist, with a really great sound – and a record that's got a very deeply spiritual vibe overall! The album's a lot different than you might expect from Zoe's glamorous look on the cover – as she's a monster on the keys of the piano, and plays with a soaring, spiritual sound that recalls the best post-Coltrane work by McCoy Tyner in the 70s – delivered with a similar sense of majesty and soul as well! Other instrumentation here features some great clarinet from Idris Rahman – who blows these long, exotic lines that remind us a bit of Tony Scott when he hit his hip righteous phase at the end of the 60s – and Courtney Pine also plays alto flute on one track too. Zoe adds some cool harmonium to one track – and titles include "Fly In The Ointment", "Down To Earth", "Maya", "Butlers Of Glen Avenue", "Outside In", and "Contusion". ~ Dusty Groove

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