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Flyer features the compelling, virtuosic performances of Jeremy Powell on tenor sax, Ian Goodman on drums, and Mark Neuenschwander on bass. Tom composed the tunes and the quartet brings them to life in an exciting way. The hard work of recording engineer, Steve Connelly, of Zen Studios in St. Petersburg, and the legendary mastering engineer Bob Katz, located in Orlando, contribute to a high quality audio experience. Flyer also includes two of Tom's solo acoustic tunes, including the title track and "Changes in the Instant."


Anthony's voice has been described as both tough and vulnerable. His songs move from swagger and swing to sweet and luscious. Marc Myers (journalist, author, historian, founder JazzWax, and contributor to the Wall Street Journal) writes crisply, "Dig the voice!" Anthony says, "My goal is to write and record music with melodies and lyrics with deference to those that comprise the American songbook." The music has been called sophisticated by some. Others in the music industry have described the songs as, "filled with passion and wonderful surprises". Of course, the eye is of the beholder (or of the ear in this case). What is not subjective is that the musicians in the recordings are consummate professionals with impressive backgrounds. Their resumes include playing with such diverse notables as Frank Sinatra, Les Paul, Elvis Presley, Olivia Newton-John, Stan Getz, Buddy Rich, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chicago, Lionel Hampton Big Band, and other prominent names and bands in the music industry, as well as performing in Broadway stage productions. Anthony concludes, "I hope that jazz enthusiasts, and those with an ear for pop music, will take the opportunity to listen and judge for themselves".


In this most recent endeavor by Tim Chokan, he continues to do his part to keep the Trumpet alive and make it cool again. Tim presents his Collection No. 5, "The Fun One" - A Smooth Jazz Quartet with Trumpet, bass, keyboards/synthesizers, and drums ! smooth Old School Soul inspired jazz that is fresh, funky, and FUN!! With a shout out to the acoustic guitar, "The Fun One" features two special guest guitarists: Kevin Chokan on track two, the slick "Highway Man", and track thirteen, the old school "Bootsey". Also, Perry Heinitz on the beautiful track six, "5 Jazz", with the Harmon Mute on the Trumpet. Also, the melody of track three, "Jazz Dance", was inspired by Solomon Burke, Jr.
, the son of the King of Rock and Soul, Solomon Burke. "The Fun One", instrumental, original, contemporary smooth jazz music that appeals to everyone young and old, fifteen songs that will pick you up and get you going, all with the intention of having Fun!

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