Tuesday, December 04, 2012


A wealth of wonderful work from Mary Wells – the first package to really give full due to her momentous early years at Motown – and a set that includes a huge amount of unreleased tracks, plus many others that weren't issued at the time! Back in the day, there were only a handful of singles from Mary at Motown – and the Vintage Stock album too – but this set brings together all those cuts, plus loads more unreleased numbers – a few of which appeared on the early 90s Looking Back collection – a lot more of which show up here for the first time ever!

The music here not only shows Mary in formation, but Motown as well – trying out a whole host of different styles for Wells' great vocals – and really finding strong focus as the set rolls on. Mary's one of the first great solo singers for Motown – and the package features loads of solo numbers with her in the lead – plus a handful of numbers with the Supremes or Four Tops, one with The Temptations & Supremes, and one with Smokey Robinson – as well as seven more duets with Marvin Gaye!

There's also a batch of "standards" – as Wells takes on the mode that Motown also tried with Marvin – and the package features a whopping 47 tracks in all, with very detailed notes. Titles include "Cinderella", "Is It Me Or Is It You", "Money", "Why Do You Want To Let Me Go", "When Your Lover Comes Back", "My Heart Is Like A Clock", "My World Of Dreams", "Your Loss My Gain", "Prove It", "Drop In The Bucket", "Everybody Needs Love", "Back In My Arms", "Oh Lover", "In Case You Need Love", "Again", "Always", "A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening", "Can't Get Out Of This Mood", and "This Is Something New". (Limited edition.) ~ Dusty Groove

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