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Voyage features Smooth Jazz Chart-topping trumpeter Rick Braun and internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist Mino Cinelu on percussion (Miles Davis, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Sting). We think this album is a landmark on the smooth jazz scene. It is energetic with full sounding arrangements and captivating percussion grooves. No band other than Groove55 can swing the funk as well as this.

The first track from their new album Voyage is called "Feeling Good". It features Rick Braun on trumpet, and Mino Cinelu on percussion.

"Black Market" is Groove55's interpretation of a composition by the late Joe Zawinul. "Black Market" was on the album of the same name which came out in 1976. Joe Zawinul is best known for his crossover radio hits "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" and "Birdland".

Track three from Voyage is called "Pick Me Up". It's just a fun groove intended to be somewhat reminiscent of the traditional funk tune with horns, but treated with a modern touch. The solid and steady rhythm section makes you tap your feet while listening, truly a ''picker upper'' of a song. "Pick Me Up" is a composition by our bass player, Yves Nadeau.

The melody in "Hornets" seemed a perfect match for Rick Braun's mute trumpet. Yves Adam plays the Alto sax on this one, and the two instruments blend perfectly.

The recipe for "Secret Weapon" is some cool trumpet, a good helping of groove, a pinch of swing and a dash of espionage for spices.

"Cotton Candy" speaks of Duke (Edward Kennedy) Ellington, the cotton club and the swing era. Born in 1899, The Duke wrote over 1000 compositions and in the century since his birth, there probably has been no greater composer. He was know for his eloquence, his charisma and his innovative use of the big band format.

"White Sneakers" was composed by bassist Yves Nadeau, after listening to a number of bass players originated from Africa. Although the song is better described as world music, Yves idea was to capture the energy and the rhythm of African music. Daniel Lemay's drum on this song is scintillating.

"Maiden Voyage" is a composition by Herbie Hancock and features a fantastic percussion solo by Mino Cinelu, as well as a bass solo by Yves Nadeau, and also puts into light the exceptional playing of the clarinet by Yves Adam. "Maiden Voyage" is considered a standard with its uplifting melody.

"Colors" is a cool groove with a catchy melody that will stay with you throughout the day.

"Fly By" is a short portrait of a jazz improvisation with a hint of funk in the background.

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