Monday, December 19, 2011


William Johnson has returned with his new Latin jazz & world fusion project Flor de Vida, and explores the textures of jazz, world music, rock, and contemporary with percussion leading the charge. Flor de Vida is a spirit and rhythm filled album that combines the strength of Grammy award winning musicians along with several internationally accomplished musicians from all over the world.

Having spent nearly eight years in the Air Force, William Johnson traveled extensively across the globe and developed a love for diverse forms of music. Drawing upon his Latin heritage, and being inspired by such musicians as Sheila E., William began to study the congas and bongos. This passion for global cultures, people, and music led him to study African, Middle Eastern, and classical forms of Indian music. William has studied classical tabla (small kettle drums from India) under Nikhil Tikkekar from Mumbai, India. In 2009 William started a percussion instruction podcast that has grown to reach thousands across the globe. The Heartbeat for Worship was established in 2007 and since has grown to receive notable press and attention from all over the world including Grammy award winning artists.

In 2009 William released his first solo project Freedom... Joybeat, a meditation album centered around world percussion. The Heartbeat for Worship DVD was recorded & released in 2010. It is a two hour DVD recorded in high definition and stereo surround sound, featuring seven drummers, violin, guitar, vocals, keys, and intense worship. Currently William is working on a film documentary of the Heartbeat for Worship including interviews and performances by world class drummers Luis Conte, Lou Santiago Jr., Al Sergel (of Key of David/ Jason Upton, and more), and more.

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