Friday, December 23, 2011


UNE’s musical journey begin in the Jeffrey Projects in Detroit “the motor city,” as one could only imagine would be the birthplace of an R&B singing phenomenon. Encouraged by his mother at an early age to use his God given talent, UNE’ would perform with his brothers and close friends at various venues in Detroit. There the self-taught singer/songwriter UNÉ (pronounced “you nay”) came to be and started developing his natural gift…his voice. chose this name to express his universal, eternal and soulful spirit. UNE’ also has performed in various stage plays in Detroit and in the mid-west area, where he met Ernest Thomas (Raj) television star from the hit TV show “What’s Happening” and “Everybody Hates Chris” (Mr. Omarr). Afterwards, UNE’ moved to the L.A. area to further his music career and teamed up with Ernest Thomas and Carmela C. Martin to form Unet Music & Entertainment, where he completed his self-titled CD UNE’. Which was produced by Sterling G. and co-produced by Carmela C. Martin. And recently, UNE’ formed UneMusic to further develop himself as an independent artist.

My goal is to make music that touches the very soul of a person. To take them on a journey with me, whether it’s traveling the byways of love or the passages of hurt, I want my music to be a spiritual ride we (the listener) both could share in. When you hear UNE’ on his self-titled CD, you experience his heartfelt sound---smooth, strong and at the same time, gentle. As he sings about life’s journeys, you know that he has experienced a myriad of peaks and valleys. His sojourns in romantic relationships give his music a deep resonant texture, as evidenced by his song “I Can Remember.” When you listen to “I Really Love U Love,” “You Complete Me” and “I Won’t Complain”, you will know this singer/songwriter has been there. Cuts like “Lady You Are” and “Hit Da Shaw” emanated from people in his life who were close to him. UNE’s lyrics are tangible, real not fabricated nor written by a detached source.

Like his Motown predecessors, he carries the magnetism that legendary greats such as Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson possess. His sound is divine whether accompanied by instruments or a cappella. The soul of his music stems from bittersweet realities of love, life and the hurt and joy that it can bring.

UNE’ has performed his music at various venues in the U.S. and abroad in Manchester and London, England under Soulchoonz Promotions. And currently UNE’ is performing an acoustic version of his smooth soul/R&B music accompanied by jazz/blue guitarist, Albert John in the L.A. area. At such venues as the “House of Blues” in Hollywood and Busby’s in L.A. under Surge Events Promotions.

One fan commented, “I love your CD and your live performance was even greater! UNE’ touches the heart and spirit of his audience”.

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