Thursday, December 08, 2011


Roy Ayers could very well be the best jazz/R&B artist around and in his 40-plus years as a vibraphonist, he has produced a string of soul and funk classics, like “We Live In Brooklyn Baby” and “Everybody Loves the Sunshine,” that has arguably made him the second-most sampled musician in hip-hop, after James Brown. You may have heard snippets of his music in songs by 50 Cent protégé Tony Yayo (“Fake Love”) or A Tribe Called Quest (“Bonita Applebum”). But while the exposure of his extensive catalogue is enough to boost any man’s ego, the 68-year-old Ayers remains humble and busy. On his latest release, King Of The Vibes, it’s a set that’s got a warm, soulful groove – kind of a contemporary extension of the styles that Roy first laid down on Polydor and Columbia, handled with just the right sort of poise, class, and balance to keep the Ayers legacy strong! If you've heard any of Roy's other recent work, you'll find plenty to love here, too – as Ayers is one of the few who can keep putting out great music of this nature, without falling prey to any contemporary cliches at all. Titles include "Neo Soul Groove", "Virgin Vibes", "Obama Say", "E Funk", "Feel Me", and "Get Some Money".

King Of The Vibes Tracklist
1. Feel Me
2. Obama Say
3. E. Funk
4. Oochi Koochi Koo
5. Emani
6. Virgin Vibes
7. Neo Soul Groove
8. It's A Better Way
9. Everybody's Groovin'
10. B B Bill
11. King Of The Vibes
12. Get Some Money

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