Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Dave McMurray is an amazing musician who is known by his previous diverse albums - Piece If Mind,  Soul Searching, Area Reservada 2, and The David McMurray Show. Others will remember his collaboration with the group Mirror-Mirror (Sax, Beats and Meditations") or in an earlier time with the group Was (Not Was). He also played with such great artists as for example Gerald Alston ("First Class Only"), Mark Isham, The B-52's ("Good Stuff"), Tim Bowman ("Smile"), Herbie Hancock or Bob James ("Joyride"). Dave has now just released his first CD in 3 years, entitled I Know About Love. It's a collection of dark, hypnotic grooves, that pull you in and never lets you go. The first song is an exotic original named “Time #4”. Next is a song called “The First Night In Africa” featuring master bassist Marcus Miller. Dave also did a cover of KEM’s first hit “Love Calls” that features KEM. Next is “I’m Coming Up, a stepper that features George Duke. The CD also features Bob James, Sweet Pea Atkinson, Herschel Boone, Eminem’s keyboardist Luis Resto, and stunning vocalist Jessica Wagner-Cowan.

01. Time #4 [5:38]
02. I Luv You Like Jazz [2:57]
03. First Night In Africa [5:04]
04. Precious Memories [4:27]
05. I'm Coming Up [4:04]
06. Love Calls [4:38]
07. Waba Doo Bop [4:06]
08. One Night In Paris [4:04]
09. I Know About Love [4:30]
10. Radio Days [4:04]
11. Inherit The Wind [4:04]
12. Beautiful You [4:58]
13. Naked [4:33]
14. Break It Down [4:18]
15. Ma's Song [1:39]
16. I Luv You Like Jazz / Rollin [2:53]

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