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These are the words that drive multiple award-winning Contemporary Jazz Guitarist/Artist Rob Tardik. As a 2011 Billboard Charting Artist and 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year, the arrival of his 3rd CD recording B.E.L.L. is a personal statement and musical glimpse into his current life’s musical direction and growth, further showing the world his passion for life, music, and the guitar. If you enjoy instrumental music, then expect Rob’s smooth guitar work to soothe your soul and provide the soundtrack to your lifestyle. Rob is again destined to capture plenty of attention with his fantastic new musical offering, further growing his status in the current Adult Contemporary Jazz music scene.

From Contemporary Jazz to Pop, World, Lounge, Latin, and Flamenco overtones, Rob’s new CD serves up an eclectic jazzy mix of genre-bending smooth, funky, and infectious contemporary instrumental music grooves which will keep him moving forward into 2012 and beyond. Featuring an all star CD of guest artist collaborations and top studio musicians like drummer Tony Moore (George Benson), bassists Mel Brown, Eric Soostar, and Rich Brown. Rob’s stellar core band includes some of Toronto’s finest including 2010 Canadian Wind Instrumentalist of the Year saxophonist Carson Freeman, bassist twin brother Curtis Freeman, keyboardist Davor Jordanovski, drummer Jeff Salem and newest members, percussionist Gino Mirizio and 2nd guitarist Geoff Hlibka.

The new CD produced by Rob and keyboardist/studio owner Davor Jordanovski features for the first time ever a very unique quartal phase music-listening concept. The 12 new tracks of music are subdivided into groups of 3 songs within each of the four quadrants of Rob’s life acronym B.E.L.L.

Rob’s current musical journey opens quadrant one with Balance. The opening cut is the hypnotic groove based radio single “East Meets Wes”, a collaboration right across North America between legendary producer Paul Brown (George Benson, Luther Vandross, Boney James, and Larry Carlton) and Rob. The call and response type communication between the two guitarists is immediate and lyrically highlighted by the strong hooky chorus that ties the track together. All the while the two of them show mutual admiration and a tip of the hat to the late great jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery through Paul’s tasteful arch top inflected octave work which is complimented by Rob’s smooth melodic nylon string guitar lines. Track 2 “The Right Time” introduces Rob’s skilled foray into AC pop music as he pens his first vocal track featuring South African singing-sensation Francois Mulder. The balance of breathtakingly effortless vocals and Rob’s liquid smooth acoustic work will leave the listener humming the chorus long afterwards. Track 3 “Kimberley’s Song”, is a serene, beautiful, heartfelt song written for a very special someone who has brought true balance into Rob’s life.

Quadrant two kicks up the Energy on B.E.L.L into high gear as “Shakin’ the House”, recorded and produced by saxophonist Darren Rahn, gets the pace moving. Recorded at Darren’s “Litterbox” studio in Colorado, Darren and Rob’s music writing/playing chemistry is instant and as the title suggests, will be raising the roof in many homes worldwide. Track 5, “When It Comes To Lovin’ You”, features the collaboration between Rob and Emmy award winning songwriter/pianist Don Breithaupt on this second vocal tune of Rob’s, again featuring the gifted Francois Mulder, the result: a contemporary jazz and Bossa Nova flavored gem with a rich vocal reverberating hook. The up-tempo track 6 is aptly named “Frolic”, a playful tune bordering on fusion written by co-producer/keyboardist Davor Jordanovski. The tracks effortless melodic romp let’s Rob’s guitar and Davor’s piano converse freely and move into sprees of tasty trade off jams and improvisational flourishes.

Laughter is the best medicine and main ingredient in quadrant three of B.E.L.L. as track 7, La Buena Vida (The Good Life), will light up the dance floor and get heels clicking on this Pop/Rhumba Flamenco inspired track that showcases Rob’s incredible facility and lightning fast guitar technique, but at no point loses the listener as the beautiful Latin melodies sing on. Alto saxophone superstar Warren Hill lends his incredible talents and joins on track 8, “Sunday Morning”, a song which defines the genre and showcases Warren’s tasteful phrasing, lyrical soloing, and Rob’s keen melodic songwriting sense. The best things in life are free and the track 9, “Smile”, completes the 3rd phase by simply making you do just that. Guest artist Jaared, fill’s out Rob’s ear-catching guitar melodies by adding his cutting edge, layered horn lines to keep toes tapping and faces grinning from ear to ear in a song that simply lets the melody sing without words.

Love is the final theme in quadrant four and a phase of personal reflection for Rob. These three songs succeed with musical depth and soul in capturing this highly desired, but sometimes very elusive emotion in all it’s facets and dimensions starting with the track “Midnight Blue”. The second song on B.E.L.L. co-written with multi-award winner Don Breithaupt, feature both musicians in fine musical form as they each freely improvise solos that breathe the cool night air into this late night track. The two are joined by Juno Award winning trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach who adds just the right amount of soft horn undertones to the track. The captivating “Waiting for Love”, is a tender chill/lounge song which is highlighted by Rob’s gentle classical finger style melodies that are supported throughout by the trance-like electronic loop-based rhythms. These wash through the song like gentle waves as Gabriel Mark Hasselbach’s muted trumpet compliments Rob’s emoting guitar lines in a song of passionate yearning that at the same time remains hopeful. The CD’s final World/Flamenco-flavored track 12, “Corazon Contento” (Happy Heart), is a fitting ending for Rob having found his own personal peace and happiness in the simple gifts of life as the trio of guitar, accordion, and Cajon jam the tune out into the sunset on a green hilltop signifying the arrival of Love.

Rob is the recipient of the following awards: 2011 Billboard Charting Artist; 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year; and 2007 Mississauga Established Performing Artist of the Year.

Rob Tardik - Balance ● Energy ● Laughter ● Love
1. East Meets Wes (feat. Paul Brown)
2. The Right Time
3. Kimberley's Song
4. Shakin' the House (feat. Darren Rahn)
5. When It Comes to Lovin' You
6. Frolic
7. La Buena Vida (The Good Life)
8. Sunday Morning (feat. Warren Hill)
9. Smile (feat. Jarred)
10. Blue Midnight
11. Waiting for Love
12. Corazon Contento (Happy Heart)

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