Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Drummer Lorenzo Tucci is a familiar name for fans of both jazz and club jazz music through his work with Nicola Conte, High Five, Mario Biondi, LTC and Rosalia De Souza as well as albums he has released as leader. He is also one of the founding members of the High Five Quintet, considered by many as one of the best jazz ensembles of the last ten years. With the High Five Quintet, Tucci realeased six CDs: Split Kick (2010, Blue Note), Live For Fun: Live At The Blue Note Tokyo (2009) Five For Fun (2008, Blue Note), Jazz Desire (2004, Via Veneto Jazz) and Jazz for more ... (Via Veneto Jazz, 2002), in addition the group collaborated with singer Mario Biondi for the highly successfull Handful of Soul (2006, Schema Records). Tucci also collaborated with deejay and producer Nicola Conte, with whom he recorded Other Directions (2005, Blue Note Records), Spiritual (2008, Schema Records)), and The Modern Sound Of Nicola Conte (2009, Schema Records), as with Brazilian singer Rosalia De Souza, with whom he realized Modern Girl (2004), and most recently, Suddenly (2008, Schema Records). In 2007 he paid tribute to Thelonious Monk with Drumonk, where Tucci interestingly opted to go with trumpet, bass and drums and completely forgo any piano. This new album entitled Tranety features seven versions of Coltrane tunes plus three original compositions that all sit well together. The Tucci original Hope works as a superb transition between Afro Blue and Equinox, and this latter tune is followed by the Summertime-esque Solstice which flows along nicely before petering out into Wise One.

Lorenzo Tucci -Tranety1.Moment’s Notice (Coltrane)
2.Afro Blue (Coltrane)
3.Hope (Tucci)
4.Equinox (Coltrane)
5.Solstice (Tucci)
6.Wise One (Coltrane)
7.Ivre a Paris 3.30 (Filippin)
8.Lonnie’s Lament (Coltrane)
9.Cousin Mary (Coltrane)
10.After the Rain (Coltrane)

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