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The Singles Vol. Eleven: 1979-1981 closes a chapter on a successful in-depth series on one of the towering figures in popular music. Through the previous 10 volumes, Hip-oSelect.com has documented the many classic—and some not-so memorable—singles issued by Mr. Dynamite, the Amazing Mr. Please Please Please Himself, the Hardest Working Man In Show Business, the Godfather Of Soul. From “Please Please Please” to “Try Me,” “I Got You (I Feel Good)” to “Cold Sweat,” “The Payback” to “It’s Too Funky In Here,” and all of the B-sides and rare cuts in between, the series now delivers on its promise: every single issued by James Brown from 1956-1981, in a run of meticulously presented 2-CD sets. On The Singles Volume Eleven: 1979-1981, the end of Brown’s tenure on Polydor Records is detailed. While none of the material had the chart impact of “It’s Too Funky in Here,” the big hit from the last volume, there’s some interesting material to be had here, including rare B-sides, material from a 1980 live album, and the international hit “Rapp Payback,” cut for the independent label T.K. Records.

Disc 1 of Vol. Eleven features 19 tracks from Brown at the end of his Polydor tenure and includes all of the 7-inch singles issued by Brown on Polydor that followed “It’s Too Funky In Here,” his chart return from 1979. Among them are “Let The Boogie Do The Rest,” a B-side that could have been a hit, while “Regrets” is a country-flavored ballad that JB turns autobiographical. JB also released a fiery live album, Hot On The One, during this period, and stomping stage versions of “Get Up Offa That Thing” and “It’s Too Funky” were issued as singles. Also included is “I Go Crazy,” a cover of a previous hit that was only issued as a single in the U.K.

As a bonus, Disc 2 features all of Brown’s Polydor 12″ single mixes, including lengthy versions of “Get Up Offa That Thing,” “It’s Too Funky in Here” and others for a total nine songs: rare 12-inch singles from the man who created the extended jam, including long versions of “Get Up Offa That Thing” and “Rapp Payback.” As with previous volumes, includes a thick booklet with liner notes from James Brown staffer Alan Leeds summarizing every track, an introductory essay and epilogue, a detailed recording timeline, rare photos, and reproductions of memorabilia.

Disc 1
1. Star Generation
2. Women Are Something Else
3. The Original Disco Man - Short Version
4. The Original Disco Man
5. Let The Boogie Do The Rest
6. Regrets
7. Stone Cold Drag
8. Let The Funk Flow
9. Sometimes That’s All There Is
10. Get Up Offa That Thing (Live)
11. It’s Too Funky In Here (Live)
12. Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses)
13. Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses) (Pt. II)
14. Stay With Me
15. Smokin’ & Drinkin’
16. Give That Bass Player Some Part I
17. Give That Bass Player Some Part II
18. I Go Crazy
19. World Cycle Inc.

Disc 2: The 12-Inch Singles
1. Get Up Offa That Thing/Release The Pressure
2. If You Don’t Give A Doggone About It (12-Inch Version)
3. Eyesight (12-Inch Version)
4. The Spank (12-Inch Version)
5. For Goodness Sakes, Look At Those Cakes (12-Inch Version)
6. It’s Too Funky In Here (12-Inch Version)
7. Star Generation (12-Inch Version)
8. Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses) (12-Inch Version)
9. Give That Bass Player Some (12-Inch Version)

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