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Singer, Geila Zilkha surely has a story to tell with her latest release Appearance, her band was in the studio recording when the Japan Tsumami struck. The band felt strongly about continuing the production that even a natural disaster couldn't stop its message. The kaos of the devastating quake gave Geila and her band a certain 'heart call' to complete the message that was created during such a tragic time. Proves not only a commitment to one's expression but also that regardless of what goes on in life, you have to keep moving forward.

Due to a medical condition at a young age, Geila was limited in using her body for sports or dance and felt that music was her destiny. She leaned toward sax and keyboards to learn simple chord progressions and formed her first band in high school and went on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She immediately became a member of the Vocal Jazz Ensemble under the direction of her voice teacher April Arabian, The Vocal Summit directed by Bob Stoloff, and The Reverence Gospel Choir lead by Orville Wright and Dennis Montgomery III. She graduated Berklee in 1991 with a Bachelor of Music.

Geila is not a newcomer to the music scene, she has been singing in Japan for many years to loyal fans. She is an engaging performer and a studied vocalist. She creates fun through song and delivers her musical selections with such soulful expression that displays the myriad of her talent and repetorie.
Zilkha enjoys the challenge of writing lyrics as she did with Shunji Takenaka as she wrote the lyrics on the tune “Closet,” where she shares her sassy side of a love affair. Known for commanding a stage and is a story-teller of song. Being skilled in others genres besides jazz, Geila is proficient in R&B, Soul and Gospel.

"Geila is very comfortable on stage with her musicians, the tempos she counts off are only for the seasoned professional for it is amazing to see her go through her vocal acrobatics with melodic tonality, not missing a beat or a note. Her scat-singing is commendable for its not an easy task for some, but Geila knows her music and she becomes an instrument herself blending with the cohesive group she is tours with," says Jaijai Jackson, creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide social network.

Returning home to Kobe, Geila landed a local television program as a video DJ hosting a music program and later became a DJ for FM-802 in Osaka which lasted for three years as well as an assistant host for a morning television show on ABC-TV. In 1995 a huge earthquake struck Kobe and derailed her career for a short time. Zilkha is a bilingual singer who was booked for a recording project for an independent label, which brought her to her new home of Tokyo where she currently resides. Soon after, she tried her chances at voice-overs which lead to narrations for television commercials as well as singing on commercials for Mazda, ANA and Hagen Daz .To learn more about Geila's versatile career and to hear her latest CD Appearance be sure to tune into her feature on The Jazz Network Worldwide Social Network at as well as her website

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