Monday, October 24, 2011


Basil Clarke, is set to release his debut album, The Measure Of My Worth. The sophisticated production will take true music lovers through an eclectic mix of Jazz, Beats and Neo Soul, while incorporating exotic influences inspired by Clarke's observations of today's world. During the 1980's Basil Clarke led the Manchester quartet Yargo whose style fused a subtle mix of Jazz, Funk and Reggae with Pop sensibilities into their own innovative sound. Like many musicians of his generation, he was inspired to form a band by the emergence of punk, which he witnessed at close quarters. But when Clarke finally found his singing voice, its haunting beauty set him apart from the post-punk rank-and-file. His commanding stage presence led the British music press to compare him favorably with legendary American soul singers, unaccustomed as they were to encountering homegrown performers of such high caliber.

Yargo's debut album Bodybeat was considered part of the foundation of the Manchester music scene, which spawned the likes of Oasis, Inspiral Carpets and Happy Mondays. That musical inspiration continues up till the present with the DNA of Yargo's unique style still influencing the likes of The Ting Tings amongst others. When Yargo came to an end in the early nineties, Clarke continued to write, record and perform as a solo artist. He maintained his independent approach, but gradually his music has moved toward jazz-inspired soul and neo-soul, allowing him to exploit his vocal and songwriting strengths. Like a fine wine, Clarke has matured and re-emerged as a solo artist, and his intoxicating debut album is the bridge between what was then and what is now. Widely described as a musical innovator who traverses genres and defies musical boundaries, Clarke sees The Measure of My Worth as an intimate reflection of ones inner soul when shaped by life experiences.

Clarke – The Measure Of My Worth
The Anatomy of a Storm
The Measure of My Worth
Sir Real
Feeling Good
The Prize
Empty Your Mind
Heart Call

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