Friday, July 29, 2011


Smooth Jazz 92.7 in Harrisburg, PA is switching formats and is currently "stunting" as it is known in the industry. Stunting (if you will) is when a station about to switch formats plays with its audience by playing music across a slew of formats for an extended period of time until the new format is lauchned.  This is the approach that Hall Communications “Smooth Jazz 92.7” WSJW Starview/Harrisburg, PA has has taken.  In this particular case the stunt consists of covers of “Stairway To Heaven” interspersed with comedy bits from cartoons such as Space Ghost Coast To Coast.The station’s website features the following farewell message:
The decision to end Smooth Jazz 92.7 was not an easy one to make. Many factors contributed to the change, including the fact that listenership never reached predicted levels and revenues coming in were not enough to support the station and keep it on the air. We thank you for being a loyal listener and for your support of the station. A new format will begin shortly.

Smooth Jazz had been 92.7's format from March 1, 2004. Before that, 92.7 used to be oldies format WHBO. Oldies had been broadcasting since June 29, 2001. WGEK was the previous station that broadcast on the 92.7 frequency- it is surmised that the station was known as "The Eagle" and the format was classic rock, although this has not been confirmed. WGEK were the call letters from February 23, 1996 until 2001. WHTF was the previous station before that, airing the Jammer and Coffey show. WHTF broadcast from August 12, 1983 until February 23, 1996.
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