Thursday, July 28, 2011


Kim Kang Won, Saxplayer extraordinaire from Korea has entered into a world wide distribution agreement with Australian music distributor Wolf Entertainment. Says Wolf Entertainment director Hellmut Wolf: " I am totally delighted to have Kangwon working with us, especially since I am a Sax player myself, I really appreciate how good he is, and how wonderful this new album is produced. Kang Won has an amazing sound, I get the old chicken skin when I listen to his music. I am totally delighted about our new collaboration, and we will do everything we can to put him on the map internationally. Kangwon has great maturity for his young age, he has a clear concept and vision about his music: “I want my music to be a vehicle for change and to transcend boundaries from age to race. I believe my music can make a difference in the world,” states the commanding and strikingly handsome 20-something musician, composer, and performer, known for his dynamic and exhilarating live shows. Kang Wwon’ explosive arrival on the contemporary jazz scene at age 17 caused frenzy. This was not a surprise as the ambitious saxophonist, who has shared the stage with everyone from Kenny G, Chio Yeon Song, Dave Koz, R. Kelly and G. Lee, had just released an auspicious recording debut and several years prior he had already made an appearance at the Jara Jazz Festival in Korea. Contemporary jazz is the genre that has embraced my music, but I see myself as a musician first" "I want to make music my way that best defines me as an artist". Kang Won concludes, “As a young person into jazz, it is important for me that the music stays alive and remains relevant in today’s music scene. I am trying to bridge the gap and create music that appeals to all age demographics, especially the high school and college kids. I am bringing them music that they can relate to. I strive to make music that is always true to myself, and hopefully that will reach people. The greatest joy to me is connecting with people through my music. ” His friend and mentor, Dave Koz, may have summed it up best…”Kang Won’s energy and musicality are undeniable. He’s fusing Jazz with Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Rock for a new sound that’s exciting and truly innovative!” The new album with the title Groovie Night will be available from all the download shops around the world.

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