Monday, September 22, 2008


Nicola Conte returns to the fold with two brand new releases – the full-length album, Rituals, and a 10-inch EP – Sketches Of Samba. Rituals features mostly live jazz instrumentation. The album has echoes of bossa, modal jazz, and more - served up by combos with players that include Timo Lassy on sax and flute, Fabrizio Bosso and Till Bronner on trumpets, Pietro Lussu on piano, and Conte himself on guitar. Vocals are by Alice Ricciardi, Jose James, Chiara Civello, and Kim Sanders -- and the album's got an even deeper feel than Conte's previous album on Blue Note. Tracks include "Karma Flower", "I See All Shades Of You", "Black Is The Graceful Veil", "Caravan", "Rituals", "Macedonia", "Awakening", "The Nubian Queens", and "Like Leaves In The Wind". Japanese pressing features the bonus track "The Nubian Queens (Samba version)".

On Sketches Of Samba, you’ll find Nicola Conte delivering one of his most 60’s-styled recording yet and he continues with his trademarked sublime samba grooves. The EP definitely lives up to its title - jazzy sketches of samba tunes, two by Conte, the other two by Sergio Mendes and JT Meirelles - all played by hip small combos with guest work from Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet, Timo Lassy on flute, and both Kim Sanders and Jose James on vocals! The EP, features two tracks that are supposedly exclusive to the set . Titles include "The Nubian Queens (samba version", "Paper Clouds (uptempo version)", "Solo", and "Groovy Samba".

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