Sunday, September 14, 2008

SOUNDUNWOUND.COM has quietly unveiled a Wikipedia-like music information site called SoundUnwound. The adjunct to its online commerce system allows fans to edit band profiles, album and song information and other music related news and updates. All edits are first reviewed by Amazon staff before going live. Initial artist information is compiled from editorial reviews, Internet Movie Database and Musicbrainz content. The site includes music recommendations of similar artists, links to YouTube videos, streaming song clips (which doesn't seem to be working at the moment) and links to buy digital tracks through the AmazonMP3 store. SoundUnwound is in a beta stage at this time. No timeline is available for when the company expects a more formal launch. SoundUnwound is actually pretty interesting and I assume it will get loaded with tons more information over time. Here you’ll find load of pages about artists, releases, record labels and genres for you to explore. Just go for a wander - uncover Elton John's real name, check out that Funk genre, find artists similar to Amy Winehouse and discover some new music! What I like most is the fact that you can search for album covers (in high-resolution) that you can download to you mp3 player. The world of music is huge and ever-changing, so we know there'll be things missing or wrong. But never fear - SoundUnwound pages are open for anyone to edit, so go ahead and fix it! You'll have made the world a better place :-) Go take SoundUnwound for a spin!

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