Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Jude Johnstone offers an intelligence and sophistication in her music that is dramatically revealed in her fourth CD "Mr. Sun," from BoJak Records. "Mr. Sun" continues with the jazzy/blues musical rhythms found in her last project "Blue Light," while maintaining her trademarks of emotional depth, passionate vocals and haunting melodies. Johnstone's level of artistry continues to grow with "Mr. Sun."

In the creative atmosphere of Mad Dog Studios in Burbank, CA, while recording "Blue Light," Johnstone's inspiration intensified creating a flood of new songs, which became "Mr. Sun." The chemistry of working with these compelling musicians motivated Johnstone to record the new songs immediately. Musicians David Piltch (upright bass), Danny Frankel (drums, percussions), Freddy Koella (guitar), and Marc Macisso (sax) who worked on "Blue Light," remained for the recording of "Mr. Sun." In addition, premier musicians Dean Parks, Mark Goldenberg (Guitar), Jon Ossman (upright bass), Daniel Savant (muted trumpet, flugelhorn) and background vocals by Stephen Bishop and Maxayn Lewis topped off a select group of performers that contributed to these recordings. Johnstone was the producer, played keyboards, melodica, chimes and wrote all the songs.

"Mr.Sun' was largely inspired by the musicians that played with me on 'Blue Light'. It is about the beauty of that rare musicianship that challenges and influences... these players just seem to understand exactly what I'm after in the studio, and then make it happen effortlessly. 'Mr. Sun' is my ode to them," says Jude Johnstone.

Jude Johnstone is a critically acclaimed, award-winning songwriter. Her songs have been covered by a stellar list of artists including Bonnie Raitt (Wounded Heart), Bette Midler (The Girl is Onto You), Stevie Nicks (Cry Wolf), Johnny Cash (Unchained), Trisha Yearwood (Hearts in Armor, The Women Before Me) and most recently Emmylou Harris (Hold On) from "All I Intended To Be."

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