Sunday, July 13, 2008


New from Marilyn Scott is ‘With Every Time We Say Goodbye", a 10-song collection comprised of standards such as the Cole Porter-penned title track. The title track sets the pace for the album as Marilyn's exceptionally soothing vocals take the listener to another time and place. On ‘With Every Time We Say Goodbye", Marilyn Scott is taking her love for jazz to the ultimate place her heart has always desired, to make an acoustic jazz album in New York City the way the legends used to do it - with the singer and musicians all cutting and working out arrangements together in the studio.

The outstanding musicianship that accompanies Ms. Scott on Every Time We Say Goodbye comes from a seasoned East Coast quintet led by acclaimed pianist Cyrus Chestnut and produced for the Japan-based Venus Records imprint by label president Tetsuo Hara and veteran jazz musician/producer Todd Barkan - his partner of 15 years. Although the physical CD is currently only available as a Japanese import, jazz fans can download the album on iTunes or purchase the CD from Marilyn's website, though soon it will also be available on (see the Amazon link here at The Jazz Chill Corner).

The artist spreads her wings on Irving Berlin's "I Got Lost in His Arms" with a distinct flavor and rhythm that recalls Ella Fitzgerald paired with Joe Pass. Sister blues shows up on "Detour Ahead," where Marilyn shows the incredible diversity and confidence in her vocal style as jazz and blues intermingle and remind us of how close they are but a world apart with vocal tones and inflection. The arrangements offer new shades to familiar favorites when jazz was king, as do Marilyn's crafty and eloquent vocal interpretations.

The Songs:
1. Every Time We Say Goodbye (5:54)
2. Got Lost In His Arms (4:02)
3. Lonely Town (5:29)
4. Detour Ahead (4:30)
5. Do You Know The Way To San Jose (4:22)
6. Autumn In New York (5:04)
7. I Love Paris (4:20)
8. Cry Me A River (5:02)
9. Caravan (3:17)
10. Somewhere (4:39)

The Players:
1. Marilyn Scott - vocals
2. Cyrus Chestnut - piano
3. Paul Bollenback - guitar
4. Gerald Cannon - bass
5. Willie Jones III - drums
6. Ken Peplowski tenor sax/clarinet

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