Thursday, September 27, 2007


Former "Isley Brother" Chris Jasper debuts at #1 on Yahoo! Music's Soul Revival Music Chart with his new CD "Invincible" ." Chris Jasper is a legend in the soul music community, so we're always excited when he releases new music," said publisher Chris Rizik, "and our readers agreed, making Chris's artist page one of our most popular for August and helping to make his album the top seller for the month. Chris continues to write and sing compelling new music with real meaning."

"Chris Jasper, of course, was an integral part of the classic Isley Brothers' sound. Now with this new 10 tracker we have the full-on gospel album - but if you're a non-believer - don't despair. This isn't traditional, in-your-face gospel music. Rather, 'Invincible' is a collection of personal, reflective songs whose messages can be interpreted both spiritually and secularly. Musically, I'd describe the sound as Bobby Womack meets the Isleys - and that's a heady cocktail, isn't it? A real, mature soul album, this - and well-worth investigation." - Bill Buckley, Reviewer

"I nearly fell over with excitement when Chris Jasper contacted Christian Mix Inet about playing his new CD 'Invincible.' As a die hard 60's and 70's music freak, I actually recognized his name ... it was him! The very same Chris Jasper that was a part of the original Isley Brother's ... Chris Jasper has released another Gospel CD, which carries the same superb harmonies and soulful spirit that was so much a part of the original Isley's. 'Invincible' is like a trip back to the 70's only with a twist. The timeless message of Christ and God's love for us. I can't say enough about the project. You need to hear it yourself. We are playing the title cut 'Invincible' in the Christian Mix Inet 'Power Rotation' category. We are also airing all the other cuts on the CD in rotation in the 'Album' category ... we love it, and love you for preserving the dignity of great music. - Michael Hughes, Christian Mix Inet

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