Wednesday, August 08, 2007


"Marie Daulne, founder of Zap Mama, has been a major figure in world music since the early '90s, crunching genres from Congolese traditional to rap via what was initially an a cappella quintet...In all that time she's never released a tighter, more immediate record than the new Supermoon." -- Billboard

Marie Daulne, the founder and fronting member of Zap Mama, stands with one foot firmly planted in tradition and the other in the progressive sounds and sensibilities of a new century. Born in the Congo and raised in Belgium, Marie's journey to self-realization through music started with Adventures In Afropea I, the group's 1993 debut recording on David Byrne's label Luaka Bop. It wove together music from Zaire, Tanzania, Syria, France and Spain and reached #1 on the Billboard World Music Charts. Follow-up albums Sabsylma and A Ma Zone not only earned the band a Grammy nomination, but also cemented the group's reputation as one of the most innovative and stylistically diverse acts in contemporary world music. No wonder luminaries from Erykah Badu, U-Roy and Talib Kweli to Black Thought and ?uestlove of The Roots signed up to work with the band.

The release of Supermoon opens a new chapter of this continuously unfolding story. An engaging blend of world, jazz, pop, funk, reggae and soul, the album includes guest appearances by stellar figures from around the globe: Drummer Tony Allen, bassists Meshell Ndegeocello and Will Lee, guitarists David Gilmore and Michael Franti, pianists Leon Pendarvis and Robbie Kondor, percussionist Bashiri Johnson and more. Notable tracks include the lead song "Supermoon," the meditative "Affection," and the playful "Gati." "With Supermoon, I reveal the way I chose to live when I started my career," says Daulne. "It's very intimate...You're seeing me very close up. I hope that's a kind of intimacy that people will understand. I'm opening a door to who I am." With this type of down-to-earth honesty and a genuine interest in working to protect human rights and fight global poverty with Amnesty International and the UN, Marie Daulne continues to mesmerize us all.


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