Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Cinco De Mowo! follows up Mocean Worker's (pronounced Motion Worker) 2005 release Enter The Mowo!, which has gone on to become Adam Dorn's (a.k.a. Mocean Worker) biggest record to date after having success at radio across the country. It's also where Dorn's true vision for the definitive Mocean Worker sound began to gel. Shedding the expectations of the electronica scene with which he was often associated at the outset of his career, Dorn began to more liberally embrace his jazz and funk influences, while keeping the focus on crafting songs with undeniable hooks.

On the fifth album of his career, appropriately titled Cinco De Mowo!, Adam Dorn has assembled the quintessential feel-good summer record of 2007 - already #1 on both the KCRW chart and CMJ's RPM chart, coinciding with his photo on the magazine's cover. More than just funky break beats, tunes like "Shake Ya Boogie," "Tickle It" and "Sis Boom Bah" find their way deep into the sub-conscious with melodies that reverberate long after the record has ended. In what has become the incomparable Mocean Worker sound, Dorn mixes and matches the best of modern beat-making with live musicians like trumpeters Herb Alpert ("Changes") and Steven Bernstein ("Shake Your Boogie"), bassist Marcus Miller ("Brown Liquor"), alto saxophonist Cochemea Gastelum ("Les & Eddie" and "Son of Sanford") and vocalists Morley ("I Got You") and Alana Da Fonseca ("Que Bom"). Dorn concludes: "I really just want people, all kinds of people to put this record on and have a nice time, enjoy themselves, clean their houses, drink themselves into a stupor, whatever it takes, it's all good."

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