Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Herb Alpert's celebrated music career began over four decades ago with over 75 million in records sold to date. Alpert's versatile talent is absolutely legendary and his myriad credits encompass triumphs as a superstar trumpeter, bandleader, producer, composer, arranger and vocalist. In 1962, Alpert and Jerry Moss co-founded A&M Records, long the world's leading-and largest-independently owned label with releases by the likes of The Police, Sheryl Crow and Quincy Jones. Immediately after forming the label, he introduced the Tijuana Brass phenomenon, which propelled him and the A&M establishment to global fame.

Alpert's artistic comeback in the late 1970s began with the release of "Rise," a downtempo dance single that departed from Alpert's signature Tijuana Brass sound. Climbing to number one on the charts, becoming the biggest hit of his career, it was met with such acclaim that Alpert and his recording team decided to craft an entire album around the new, laidback disco sounds of the single, and Rise the album was born in 1979. Mirroring the success of the single, the album went to the top of the charts, winning a Grammy and revitalizing Alpert's already two-decade long career. The latest release in the Herb Alpert Signature Series, Rise has been repackaged and re-mastered with all new trimmings. The reissue includes "Aranjuez (Mon Amour)," a straight-ahead boogie with Spanish themes and "Rotation," a precursor to the Italo-house movement. After years of being out of print, this classic has finally gotten the respect it deserves, and music history class is now in session on a dance floor near you

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