Thursday, June 28, 2007


Euge Groove released his fifth solo album, titled Born 2 Groove, on Tuesday (June 19th). The new set consists of all-original tracks that Groove recorded with a crew of gospel-inspired musicians. The project features guest appearances by Jeffrey Osborne and one-time Temptations vocalist Ali Ollie Woodson. The project was produced by Groove with Paul Brown. Born 2 Groove is another step in the musical evolution of the saxophonist born Steve Grove, whose previous set, Just Feels Right, found him exploring the sounds and recording methods of the '70s. Groove says he has definitely evolved musically since his days as a session player and Tower Of Power horn member through his current status as a popular solo recording artist. He said: "I think I've changed tremendously and part of that is growth and hopefully having a bigger repertoire in my brain to kinda pull from. But some of that is just not being so afraid. It's like in the beginning you want to keep within the confines of what the format is doing, and now it's like: All right, I've been there, I've done the status quo thing, it's been all right, you know? I think I'm gonna be OK. Why not try to push the envelope a little bit?" Groove's first single is the title track "Born 2 Groove," which is rising into the Top 10 on the national smooth jazz airplay charts.

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