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eMusic, the world's largest retailer of independent music and the world's second largest digital music service after iTunes, continues its forward momentum: today the service announced that its subscriber base has topped 300,000 and that its global catalogue has reached 2.5 million tracks. The new subscriber tally comes approximately four months since eMusic hit the 250,000 subscriber mark.

"Consumers are now shaping the music industry," said eMusic President and CEO David Pakman. "They determine whether an artist is successful or not, what format music should take, and how much it should cost. eMusic's success to date demonstrates that there are many consumers out there unsatisfied by the mainstream who are interested in buying music they love that's well-priced, and in a format that plays on any device."

eMusic is continually adding to its genre-spanning catalogue of independent music. It now boasts more than 13,000 independent labels, including celebrated world music label Luaka Bop, Spanish indie label Siesta, extreme metal pioneers Relapse, and Swedish pop giants Labrador, as well as international aggregators like World's Fair (which distributes the indiepop label Rough Trade and innovative hip-hop label Def Jux), Phonofile, Idol Distribution and many more.

"eMusic can now bring home up to 1/2 our digital sales and with some records charging well over the 25% mark in total digital sales eMusic has become a huge account for Worlds Fair," commented Kevin Wortis, Co-Founder of World's Fair. "eMusic has been ahead of the curve now for years both with the subscription model and the non DRM encumbered downloads, its no wonder they have grown as rapidly as they have. Wortis added, "We've enjoyed the marketing opportunities and the knowledgeable staff immensely and on a personal note, strictly as a music fan myself, eMusic has become one of my favorite places to buy music."

Yale Evelev, representative for the Luaka Bop label, put it another way. "In the future we will be able to go to a site that has all the coolest indie music in one place. Oh, wait, we can do that now -- it's called eMusic."

A complete listing of labels and aggregators added to the ever-increasing eMusic catalogue are as follows:
Absolute Marketing & Distribution Ltd. (UK)
Actua Musica (Spain)
All Tomorrow's Parties (UK)
Amato Distribution (UK)
Artspages (Norway)
Audio Bee/GMG Entertainment (US)
Awal UK Ltd. (UK)
Bagpak Music (US)
Believe Digital (France)
Blanco Y Negro Music S.A. (Spain)
Bliss Corporation SRL (Italy)
BOA Cor S.A. (Spain)
CAM Cine TV Music (Italy)
Carcrash Records (US)
CBuJ Entertainment (US)
Cda Distribution LLC (US)
Click Record Productions (UK)
Curve Music Inc. (Canada)
Digital Delivery Services (US)
Direct to Tape (DTR) (US)
Ditto Ltd. (UK)
Edizioni Ishtar SNC (Italy)
Emubands Ltd. (Scotland)
EPM Musiconline.com (Holland)
Fractal Entertainment LLC (US)
Headphone Treats Records (US)
Hits the Fan Records (Scotland)
Horus Music Ltd. (UK)
Idol Distribution (France)
Idol Records (US)
Immergent (US)
In Da Jungle (Canada)
In2Music (Canada)
Inversion Media & Marketing SL (Spain)
Jazzland (Norway)
Kindred Rhythm (US)
Kontor Media (Germany)
Labrador AB (Sweden)
LAD Publishing & Records (Portugal)
Listenable Records (France)
Luaka Bop Inc. (US)
MAC Developments Ltd. (UK)
Mainstream Records (US)
Massproduktion (Sweden)
Munich Records BV (Netherlands)
Music Forte (US)
Navarre Corporation (US)
New World Records (US)
Nimbit, Inc. (US)
Oakland Media AB (Sweden)
Oseao Music Group (US)
Partisian Recordings (UK)
Pentatone (Netherlands)
Phonofile AS (Norway)
Pickwick Group Ltd. (UK)
Plumosus Inc. (US)
Pool Or Pond (US)
Popstock Distribucionnes SL (Spain)
Quazarcom.com (France)
Quinlan Road LLC (Canada)
Rebeat Music (Austria)
Record Collection (US)
Red Sauce Music Ltd. (UK)
Relapse Records / Release Entertainment (US)
RND Productions, Inc (US)
Rossiter Road (UK)
SCI Fidelity Records (US)
Service (Sweden)
Setanta Songs Ltd. (UK)
Shizzer! Entertainment (New Zealand)
Shock Distribution (Australia)
Show Off Recordings (Australia)
Siesta Records SL (Spain)
Sound Pollution (Sweden)
Spade Kitty Records LLC (US)
Star 69 Entertainment, Ltd. (US)
Subconcious Music (UK)
Swami Records LLC (US)
Syntax Distribution (US)
Third Stanza Music LLC (US)
Thirty Tigers (US)
Time Records, Inc. (US)
Twenty First Century Music Co. (US)
Upstairs Recordings (Canada)
Vendetta Digital Distribution (Switzerland)
Warlock (US)
West End Records (US)
White Whale Records (Canada)
World Sound LLC (US)
World's Fair (US)
X5 Music/X5 Group AB (Sweden)

eMusic sets itself apart from other digital music services not only by offering tracks in the MP3 format, but by appealing to the serious music fan who seeks material outside the commercial mainstream, including breaking indie rock, classical and jazz. With deep relationships with the world's top independent labels, guidance from the best music editorial experts and a passionate music community, eMusic caters to music fans aged 25+. As a subscription service, it offers plans starting at $9.99 for 30 songs a month up to $74.99 for 300 songs per month.

eMusic (http://www.emusic.com) is the world's leading digital retailer of independent music, second only to iTunes in number of downloads sold. The eMusic Web site offers a global catalogue of more than 2.5 million tracks from established and emerging artists in every genre from the world's leading independent labels. Created by music experts for music fans, it features award-winning editorial content, a vibrant online community and unrivaled music discovery tools. A subscription-based service that offers 25 free downloads at sign-up, eMusic gives consumers an inexpensive, low-risk way to explore great new music they wouldn't find otherwise, and unlike other download services, its universally compatible MP3 files play on any device including the iPod®. Based in New York with an office in London, eMusic.com Inc. is wholly owned by Dimensional Associates, Inc., the private equity arm of JDS Capital Management, Inc.

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