Friday, April 27, 2007


Manifest Tone Vol. 1 is a sonic sofrito of lo-fi Afrobeat, gritty funk, and spicy Latin flavors from Marquitos Garcia of Antibalas. Armed with his childhood Casio keyboards, Garcia recorded Manifest Tone Vol. 1 during the band's down-time. The project, which began as an experiment in spontaneous composition, proved to be a true glimpse into the essence of Garcia's musical passions. Syncopated bass and guitars simmering, keyboard melodies bubbling over with Marquitos' harmony-laden vocals, create this exciting mixture of sound seasonings. Pungent Latin aromas waft throughout the music in the rhythms and the choruses. Known as "sabrosura," it is the effect that urges your body to boogie and makes you sing along. With the help of Rich Medina and Kindred Spirits, the Latin music of Garcia's upbringing and the vocabulary of Fela Kuti's afrobeat have come together to bring you Chico Mann's debut album, Manifest Tone Vol.1. Look out for a bangin' 12" mixes coming soon with remixes by DJ Quantic, Comtron (Rush Hour) and more.

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