Tuesday, July 18, 2006


RADIO NEWS……….New York’s Smooth Jazz station, WCQD-FM scored a 2.9 rating in the spring 2006 Arbitron ratings. That places the station at number 11 (out of 22) overall behind WLTW (7.0), WSKQ (5.2), WHTZ (4.5), WRKS (4.3), WBLS (4.2), WWPR (4.1), WPAT-FM & WQHT (3.9), WINS (3.7), WABC (3.4), and WAXQ (3.2). The lowest scoring stations were WLB amd WALK with 1.0……….And while we are on the subject of WBLS and in the words coined by the legendary Frankie Crocker, this station truly is the home of ‘the world’s best looking sound’ thanks nowadays to the great voice of Vaughn Harper. He is the prime example of what Frankie Crocker was referring to and in my opinion the absolute best Quiet Storm show in the nation. You must check him out on weeknights……….The Minneapolis-St. Paul radio market now boasts 23 high definition (HD) channels on FM and one on AM. Smooth-jazz-wise, on the dial at 104.1, CBS Radio’s KZJK boasts an adult hits/Jack format, however, for those of you with a HD receiver the HD2 channel is smooth jazz and it is being promoted as "Jazz In High Definition. 104.1. Pure Jazz."

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